My Zero Pain Now client Keith had severe

My Zero Pain Now client Keith had severe low back pain for at least 4 years. The pain was often 10/10 in intensity. He is now at day number 7 of his 28 day Zero Pain Now program. His pain is now consistently from 0/10 – 1/10 and no higher. He is very happy and amazed how quickly it has worked for him! These results are TYPICAL for Zero Pain Now. Find out if it will work for you.

Are you on Opioids (Narcotics) for chron

Are you on Opioids (Narcotics) for chronic pain and afraid you’ll never get off of them? I was! I hated being on Opioids. I took them for more than 10 years. I hated the side effects and couldn’t stand the withdrawal effects I got if I was a little late for my next dose. I had to carry my Percocet with me every where I went. I got so tired of going in for the urine drug screens and having to get a physical script. I was just so tired of being dependent on the meds and I was so afraid that if I didn’t get my prescription refill on time I’d have horrible withdrawal symptoms!

Then I did the Zero Pain Now Chronic Pain Elimination program and eliminated decades of chronic pain and was able to taper off of the pain pills. Within 3 months of starting the program I was completely off the Opioids and have not needed a pain pill in more than 2 years.

It feels amazing to be free from pain and to be free from narcotics!

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Suffering from chronic pain but you pref

Suffering from chronic pain but you prefer alternative treatment to mainstream medical treatments? That’s why I’m here! If you’re a candidate I’ll take you through a holistic, alternative, non-invasive therapy program that has a 97% success rate at completely eliminating years or decades of chronic pain in 1-4 weeks. No medications, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, pain injections or surgery. It’s strictly a Mind-Body/Mindfulness approach.

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A Mayo Clinic Study Doesn’t Lie! The Ma

A Mayo Clinic Study Doesn’t Lie! The Mayo Clinic is one of the most trusted medical facilities in the US. It’s results are highly respected and trusted. That’s why you know you can trust the results of the recent Zero Pain Now Mayo Clinic Pilot Study. Patients who suffered from chronic pain for years to decades including low back pain, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, groin pain, spinal stenosis, neck pain & migraines all ended the study completely pain free! That’s a 100% Success Rate which is unheard of in medicine.

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